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Building Boom

 Construction of new homes at Dubbo is on the rise and the sector is on track to spin tens-of-millions-of-dollars into the economy next year.

More than $34 million of single and dual dwellings have been approved since July and more plans for homes are expected to flow in on the back of strong land sales recently.

The industry's revival that's put a "smile on the face" of builders and sub-contractors would have benefits that spread throughout the community this Christmas and beyond, Maas Group Properties sales coordinator Bill Kelly said yesterday.

And he said the construction of new homes was not only generating work for Dubbo's tradies, it was also providing employment for the wider region.

New figures reported by Dubbo City Council this week revealed the approval of 101 new single dwellings in the first five months of the financial year, together totalling $28.62 million.

That was up more than $2 million for the same period last year, while dual-occupancy dwellings had powered ahead.

In the past five months 15 new dual-occupancy dwellings had received approval, five-times as many as the same period last year.

Together they totalled $5.8 million of development, up from the $1.25 million from last year.

In August 34 single dwellings were approved, according to the council's figures, the highest number in one month for at least the past seven years.

Maas Group Properties bought the balance of Southlakes Estate as well as the Magnolia and Keswick on the Park estates in June.

As heavy machinery lifted earth and construction crews progressed new houses in Southlakes Estate yesterday, from his on-site office Mr Kelly reported of a revival in home building at Dubbo from a slow time two years ago.

He said a total of about $4.8 million of construction on16 blocks sold by the estate's previous owners was currently under construction.

Mr Kelly estimated that on the 66 blocks of land sold since Maas Group Properties took on the estate, construction totalling a minimum of $20 million would take place - based on a $300,000 home being built on each of the blocks, but he said some were likely to have bigger homes.

He reported 90 per cent of buyers of one of their releases had been people who already lived at Dubbo who were upgrading.

Recent construction that had already taken place across the city was growing the economy, Mr Kelly said.

"If you have a look around Dubbo, every builder and subbie has a smile on their face," he said.

"Two years ago they would have to go to Parkes or Mudgee (for work).

"Now the action's right on their doorstep.

". . .Leading into Christmas they should have a bob in their hand to spend in the CBD, which we haven't seen for a while.

"They'll have a quid in their pocket and that money will spread around the community through sales generated in the retail outlets."

Mr Kelly forecast a "steady flow" would take place from now on "rather than the concentrated burst" of two months ago.

"Definitely (there's been) a lot of movement in land sales that will lead to building and we're already starting to see some of the trades from the likes of Mudgee and Orange looking to come here for work," he said.

"Some of the local sub-contractors are outsourcing to people in the region to help with the workload."

Source – Daily Liberal - FAYE WHEELER Dec. 6, 2014.