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Buyer's Market

Recent events have created a window in the housing market for those looking to purchase. If you are in a financial position to, and have been looking to buy, now is the time to do so. With the overall housing market demand having eased off and record low interest rates on offer, this presents a unique opportunity for home buyers. Government assistance is still available for eligible first homeowners – which saw a huge influx at the beginning of the year, generating a lot of competition. However, with the climate more accommodating and the offers still available, now proves to be a much more suitable time to purchase. Lenders are also needing business, so they are more likely to work in favour of the borrower, something that proved difficult for buyers only a few months ago. When looking to buy, it is a safer investment to purchase a new home, as there is less risk with price fluctuation and property value. MAAS houses have building warranty and guarantees in place for all the homes we sell – meaning you can be confident in your investment with us, despite external economic circumstances.

Buy now so you can to take advantage of:

  • Interest rates at a record low.
  • Government assistance for eligible FHO still available
  • Investors have backed off, meaning less competition
  • Banks and lenders more accommodating

To find out more, visit our website or get in touch with our Sales Manager John Grey on 0438 369 707.

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Buyer's Market