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Geotechnical Investigation

Southlakes Sales Office Coordinator, Bill Kelly said “As a generalisation, as we release a new plan of subdivision we will endeavour to take a random soil test on each new release and a full copy of the report will be available from our Sales Office. Our latest releases are Stage 14 (Brook Court) and Stage 15 (Eddy Court). This is not to be relied on for each individual block, however this appears to be an indicative sample of soils being tested in that location.”

Macquarie Geotech conducted a random soil test on 29th October 2014 and produced the following results.

Geotechnical Investigation – Site Classifications Lot 1409 and 1508 – Southlakes Dubbo– 12thNovember 2014.Classification - M-D in both instances.

To soil test individual blocks, contact Alan Pile at Macquarie Geotech directly, 0417 866 552 Classification Testing carried out on a weekly basis.