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Message from Alan Pike

15thJanuary 2015

Message from Alan Pike, Macquarie Geotech.

Macquarie Geotechnical have been providing geotechnical services at the prestigious Southlakes development since 2005.

These services have included supervision of the construction of the lakes system, QA testing on the pavements and testing of soils to determine foundation design for residential buildings. Residential testing undertaken to date by Macquarie Geotechnical indicates that the soils at Southlakes have a predominately moderate susceptibility to shrinkage and swelling movements.

Robert Cox, Director of Macquarie Geotechnical said “Macquarie Geotechnical has been involved with this development at a concept design level with the Stevenson Brothers through to supervising current earthworks and residential buildings with the MAAS Group. We have seen a high level of commitment by the developers to ensure that the Southlakes development has an emphasis on quality which will result in a high quality of living standards for its residents”

To soil test individual blocks, contact Alan Pile at Macquarie Geotech directly, 0417 866 552

Site Classification Testing carried out on a weekly basis.